Table of Contents: June 2005


Predicted functional linkage gene networks

Image Credit: Drawn by Barker and Pagel using BioLayout software.
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The image shows predicted functional linkage gene networks for large and small cytoplasmic ribosomal subunits in eukaryotes, derived from phylogenetic analysis of whole genomes. Each point represents a gene, and each line a functional link. Colors represent protein functional classes. (See Barker and Pagel)


PLoS Computational Biology: A New Community Journal

Philip E Bourne, Steven E Brenner, Michael B Eisen

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Research Articles

Extraction of Transcript Diversity from Scientific Literature

Parantu K Shah, Lars J Jensen, Stéphanie Boué, Peer Bork

microRNA Target Predictions across Seven Drosophila Species and Comparison to Mammalian Targets

Dominic Grün, Yi-Lu Wang, David Langenberger, Kristin C Gunsalus, Nikolaus Rajewsky