Table of Contents: January 2008


Structural model of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

Image Credit: Picture provided by Xinli Liu. Image created with PyMOL software.
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Structural model of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) embedded in a dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) bilayer (green) and water molecules (red). Only three subunits (color-coded in red, blue, and yellow) are displayed for clarity. The M2 helices are rendered with electrostatic potential surface to highlight the pore shape (see Liu et al, e19).

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Getting Started in Text Mining

K. Bretonnel Cohen, Lawrence Hunter


Research Articles

A Quantitative Study of the Division Cycle of Caulobacter crescentus Stalked Cells

Shenghua Li, Paul Brazhnik, Bruno Sobral, John J Tyson

Mechanics of Channel Gating of the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor

Xinli Liu, Yechun Xu, Honglin Li, Xicheng Wang, Hualiang Jiang, Francisco J Barrantes

Co-Regulation of Metabolic Genes Is Better Explained by Flux Coupling Than by Network Distance

Richard A Notebaart, Bas Teusink, Roland J Siezen, Balázs Papp

Why is Real-World Visual Object Recognition Hard?

Nicolas Pinto, David D Cox, James J DiCarlo

In Silico Detection of Sequence Variations Modifying Transcriptional Regulation

Malin C Andersen, Pär G Engström, Stuart Lithwick, David Arenillas, Per Eriksson, Boris Lenhard, Wyeth W Wasserman, Jacob Odeberg

Matt: Local Flexibility Aids Protein Multiple Structure Alignment

Matthew Menke, Bonnie Berger, Lenore Cowen

Genes and (Common) Pathways Underlying Drug Addiction

Chuan-Yun Li, Xizeng Mao, Liping Wei


Coping with Viral Diversity in HIV Vaccine Design: A Response to Nickle et al.

Will Fischer, H. X Liao, Barton F Haynes, Norman L Letvin, Bette Korber

Comparison of Immunogen Designs That Optimize Peptide Coverage: Reply to Fischer et al.

David C Nickle, Nebojsa Jojic, David Heckerman, Vladimir Jojic, Darko Kirovski, Morgane Rolland, Sergei Kosakovsky Pond, James I Mullins