Table of Contents: September 2005


Purkinje cell protein 4 transcripts in mouse brain

Image Credit: Image created by James Carson from data at, using Adobe Photoshop software to perform manipulations.
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Describing where genes express is an important step in understanding the function of gene products. In this slice through the mouse brain, Purkinje cell protein 4 (Pcp4) expression is shown with an associated deformed anatomical map. The amount of Pcp4 transcripts in each cell is represented by the different colors (see Carson et al).

Research Articles

Modeling the Amplification Dynamics of Human Alu Retrotransposons

Dale J Hedges, Richard Cordaux, Jinchuan Xing, David J Witherspoon, Alan R Rogers, Lynn B Jorde, Mark A Batzer

Entropic Stabilization of Proteins and Its Proteomic Consequences

Igor N Berezovsky, William W Chen, Paul J Choi, Eugene I Shakhnovich

Inferring Hypotheses on Functional Relationships of Genes: Analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana Subtilase Gene Family

Carsten Rautengarten, Dirk Steinhauser, Dirk Büssis, Annick Stintzi, Andreas Schaller, Joachim Kopka, Thomas Altmann

A Digital Atlas to Characterize the Mouse Brain Transcriptome

James P Carson, Tao Ju, Hui-Chen Lu, Christina Thaller, Mei Xu, Sarah L Pallas, Michael C Crair, Joe Warren, Wah Chiu, Gregor Eichele

ReAS: Recovery of Ancestral Sequences for Transposable Elements from the Unassembled Reads of a Whole Genome Shotgun

Ruiqiang Li, Jia Ye, Songgang Li, Jing Wang, Yujun Han, Chen Ye, Jian Wang, Huanming Yang, Jun Yu, Gane Ka-Shu Wong, Jun Wang

Transition to Quorum Sensing in an Agrobacterium Population: A Stochastic Model

Andrew B Goryachev, Da-Jun Toh, Keng Boon Wee, Travis Lee, Hai-Bao Zhang, Lian-Hui Zhang

Analysis of a Splice Array Experiment Elucidates Roles of Chromatin Elongation Factor Spt4–5 in Splicing

Yuanyuan Xiao, Yee H Yang, Todd A Burckin, Lily Shiue, Grant A Hartzog, Mark R Segal