Table of Contents: November 2005


Model of tetrameric acetylcholinesterase assembled with collagen Q tail

Image Credit: Image created by David Zhang using VMD v1.8.4.
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Shown here is a symmetric model of tetrameric acetylcholinesterase assembled with collagen Q tail (yellow in the middle). The peripheral anionic site residues are shown as cyan, and the catalytic residue serine 203 is shown as green balls (see Zhang and McCammon).

Message from ISCB


NIH Roadmap Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives

Michael F Huerta, Gregory K Farber, Elizabeth L Wilder, Dushanka V Kleinman, Patricia A Grady, David A Schwartz, Lawrence A Tabak


Quasispecies Made Simple

J. J Bull, Lauren Ancel Meyers, Michael Lachmann

Research Articles

Quantitative Analysis of Genetic and Neuronal Multi-Perturbation Experiments

Alon Kaufman, Alon Keinan, Isaac Meilijson, Martin Kupiec, Eytan Ruppin

Allele-Specific Amplification in Cancer Revealed by SNP Array Analysis

Thomas LaFramboise, Barbara A Weir, Xiaojun Zhao, Rameen Beroukhim, Cheng Li, David Harrington, William R Sellers, Matthew Meyerson

Refining Protein Subcellular Localization

Michelle S Scott, Sara J Calafell, David Y Thomas, Michael T Hallett

Genomic Variability within an Organism Exposes Its Cell Lineage Tree

Dan Frumkin, Adam Wasserstrom, Shai Kaplan, Uriel Feige, Ehud Shapiro