Table of Contents: January 2006


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Pattern correlation across multiple genome-scale datasets

The spatial organization of genomes is highly nonrandom and often exhibits periodic patterns. Shown here is a contour plot that highlights the degree of pattern correlation across multiple genome-scale datasets for Escherichia coli (identified using wavelet analysis). The overlap in these spatial patterns reveals that genome design involves a sophisticated multi-parameter, multi-length scale organization that is not solely dependent upon information content (see Allen et al).

Image Credit: Image generated by Timothy E. Allen using MATLAB software (The MathWorks).


Research Articles

Signal Processing in the TGF-β Superfamily Ligand-Receptor Network

Jose M. G Vilar, Ronald Jansen, Chris Sander

Unusual Intron Conservation near Tissue-Regulated Exons Found by Splicing Microarrays

Charles W Sugnet, Karpagam Srinivasan, Tyson A Clark, Georgeann O'Brien, Melissa S Cline, Hui Wang, Alan Williams, David Kulp, John E Blume, David Haussler, Manuel Ares Jr.