Table of Contents: November 2006


Colony of differentiated embryonic stem cells

Image Credit: Figure created by Vicky Earle, Clive Glover, and Jennifer Bryan using Adobe Photoshop.
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The loss of critical stem cell properties can be detected through specific gene expression changes. In Glover et al, these changes were identified by meta-analysis of multiple, disparate datasets using Pareto front analysis. In the background is an embryoid body, a colony of differentiated embryonic stem cells.


Research Articles

Identification of the Proliferation/Differentiation Switch in the Cellular Network of Multicellular Organisms

Kai Xia, Huiling Xue, Dong Dong, Shanshan Zhu, Jiamu Wang, Qingpeng Zhang, Lei Hou, Hua Chen, Ran Tao, Zheng Huang, Zheng Fu, Ye-Guang Chen, Jing-Dong J Han

Selection of Target Sites for Mobile DNA Integration in the Human Genome

Charles Berry, Sridhar Hannenhalli, Jeremy Leipzig, Frederic D Bushman

Meta-Analysis of Differentiating Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Gene Expression Kinetics Reveals Early Change of a Small Gene Set

Clive H Glover, Michael Marin, Connie J Eaves, Cheryl D Helgason, James M Piret, Jennifer Bryan

Robustness and Fragility in Immunosenescence

Sean P Stromberg, Jean Carlson

Computational Inference of Neural Information Flow Networks

V. Anne Smith, Jing Yu, Tom V Smulders, Alexander J Hartemink, Erich D Jarvis

3D Complex: A Structural Classification of Protein Complexes

Emmanuel D Levy, Jose B Pereira-Leal, Cyrus Chothia, Sarah A Teichmann

An Integrative Genomic Approach to Uncover Molecular Mechanisms of Prokaryotic Traits

Yang Liu, Jianrong Li, Lee Sam, Chern-Sing Goh, Mark Gerstein, Yves A Lussier

A Curvature-Mediated Mechanism for Localization of Lipids to Bacterial Poles

Kerwyn Casey Huang, Ranjan Mukhopadhyay, Ned S Wingreen

Humans Can Adopt Optimal Discounting Strategy under Real-Time Constraints

N Schweighofer, K Shishida, C. E Han, Y Okamoto, S. C Tanaka, S Yamawaki, K Doya

Structural Modeling of Protein Interactions by Analogy: Application to PSD-95

Dmitry Korkin, Fred P Davis, Frank Alber, Tinh Luong, Min-Yi Shen, Vladan Lucic, Mary B Kennedy, Andrej Sali