Table of Contents: June 2007


Effect of downregulation

Image Credit: Figure was made using the MATLAB software.
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Many signaling receptors are internalized faster when they are bound to their ligand—a phenomenon known as downregulation. The figure shows the effect of downregulation on the response of the epidermal growth factor receptor to time-varying ligand concentrations. Computational analysis reveals that downregulation enhances the accuracy of signaling receptors. (See Shankaran et al, e101).

Messages from ISCB

The International Society for Computational Biology 10th Anniversary

Lawrence Hunter, Russ B Altman, Philip E Bourne


Machine Learning and Its Applications to Biology

Adi L Tarca, Vincent J Carey, Xue-wen Chen, Roberto Romero, Sorin Drăghici


Research Articles

Slowness: An Objective for Spike-Timing–Dependent Plasticity?

Henning Sprekeler, Christian Michaelis, Laurenz Wiskott

A New Principle for Information Storage in an Enzymatic Pathway Model

Bruno Delord, Hugues Berry, Emmanuel Guigon, Stéphane Genet

From Morphology to Neural Information: The Electric Sense of the Skate

Marcelo Camperi, Timothy C Tricas, Brandon R Brown

Ligand Binding and Circular Permutation Modify Residue Interaction Network in DHFR

Zengjian Hu, Donnell Bowen, William M Southerland, Antonio del Sol, Yongping Pan, Ruth Nussinov, Buyong Ma

A Survey of Genomic Properties for the Detection of Regulatory Polymorphisms

Stephen B Montgomery, Obi L Griffith, Johanna M Schuetz, Angela Brooks-Wilson, Steven J. M Jones

A Mass Conserved Reaction–Diffusion System Captures Properties of Cell Polarity

Mikiya Otsuji, Shuji Ishihara, Carl Co, Kozo Kaibuchi, Atsushi Mochizuki, Shinya Kuroda

Modeling Systems-Level Regulation of Host Immune Responses

Juilee Thakar, Mylisa Pilione, Girish Kirimanjeswara, Eric T Harvill, Réka Albert

CpG Island Mapping by Epigenome Prediction

Christoph Bock, Jörn Walter, Martina Paulsen, Thomas Lengauer

Hierarchical Processing of Auditory Objects in Humans

Sukhbinder Kumar, Klaas E Stephan, Jason D Warren, Karl J Friston, Timothy D Griffiths

Bottleneck Genes and Community Structure in the Cell Cycle Network of S. pombe

Cécile Caretta-Cartozo, Paolo De Los Rios, Francesco Piazza, Pietro Liò