Table of Contents: September 2009

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This figure illustrates two contrasted epochs of sub-threshold (and sometimes spiking) responses that can be measured intracellularly in the primary visual cortex of a cat during presentation of a drifting grating (left, red trace) followed by the visuo-oculomotor exploration of a natural scene (right, blue trace). The corresponding dynamics of the membrane potential fluctuations exhibit long-range correlations for the low dimension periodic stimulus (the curtain). These correlations are strongly reduced when the visual system is driven by a natural scene (see El Boustani et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000519).



Brief Overview of Bioinformatics Activities in Singapore

Frank Eisenhaber, Chee-Keong Kwoh, See-Kiong Ng, Wing-King Sung, Limsoon Wong

Research Articles

Conserved Expression Patterns Predict microRNA Targets

William Ritchie, Megha Rajasekhar, Stephane Flamant, John E. J. Rasko

A Computational Analysis of ATP Binding of SV40 Large Tumor Antigen Helicase Motor

Yemin Shi, Hanbin Liu, Dahai Gai, Jianpeng Ma, Xiaojiang S. Chen

Statistical Use of Argonaute Expression and RISC Assembly in microRNA Target Identification

Stephen A. Stanhope, Srikumar Sengupta, Johan den Boon, Paul Ahlquist, Michael A. Newton

Network-State Modulation of Power-Law Frequency-Scaling in Visual Cortical Neurons

Sami El Boustani, Olivier Marre, Sébastien Béhuret, Pierre Baudot, Pierre Yger, Thierry Bal, Alain Destexhe, Yves Frégnac

Bayesian Phylogeography Finds Its Roots

Philippe Lemey, Andrew Rambaut, Alexei J. Drummond, Marc A. Suchard

Disease-Aging Network Reveals Significant Roles of Aging Genes in Connecting Genetic Diseases

Jiguang Wang, Shihua Zhang, Yong Wang, Luonan Chen, Xiang-Sun Zhang

Noise Management by Molecular Networks

Frank J. Bruggeman, Nils Blüthgen, Hans V. Westerhoff

Human miRNA Precursors with Box H/ACA snoRNA Features

Michelle S. Scott, Fabio Avolio, Motoharu Ono, Angus I. Lamond, Geoffrey J. Barton

A Statistical Model to Identify Differentially Expressed Proteins in 2D PAGE Gels

Steven H. Wu, Michael A. Black, Robyn A. North, Kelly R. Atkinson, Allen G. Rodrigo

Predicting the Evolution of Sex on Complex Fitness Landscapes

Dusan Misevic, Roger D. Kouyos, Sebastian Bonhoeffer

Transcriptional Profiling of the Dose Response: A More Powerful Approach for Characterizing Drug Activities

Rui-Ru Ji, Heshani de Silva, Yisheng Jin, Robert E. Bruccoleri, Jian Cao, Aiqing He, Wenjun Huang, Paul S. Kayne, Isaac M. Neuhaus, Karl-Heinz Ott, Becky Penhallow, Mark I. Cockett, Michael G. Neubauer, Nathan O. Siemers, Petra Ross-Macdonald

Fast Mapping of Short Sequences with Mismatches, Insertions and Deletions Using Index Structures

Steve Hoffmann, Christian Otto, Stefan Kurtz, Cynthia M. Sharma, Philipp Khaitovich, Jörg Vogel, Peter F. Stadler, Jörg Hackermüller

The Role of Ongoing Dendritic Oscillations in Single-Neuron Dynamics

Michiel W. H. Remme, Máté Lengyel, Boris S. Gutkin

Predicting Positive p53 Cancer Rescue Regions Using Most Informative Positive (MIP) Active Learning

Samuel A. Danziger, Roberta Baronio, Lydia Ho, Linda Hall, Kirsty Salmon, G. Wesley Hatfield, Peter Kaiser, Richard H. Lathrop