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Depiction of a prototypic transcriptional regulatory system

Image Credit: Image designed by Erwin Gianchandani
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Graphic depiction of a prototypic transcriptional regulatory system (TRS), representative of the Escherichia coli TRS, circumscribing a matrix that would capture the associated regulatory rules. Such a matrix formalism (see Gianchandani et al) enables the calculation of system properties of a TRS.


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Research Articles

Expansion of Protein Domain Repeats

Åsa K Björklund, Diana Ekman, Arne Elofsson

Modeling Somatic Evolution in Tumorigenesis

Sabrina L Spencer, Ryan A Gerety, Kenneth J Pienta, Stephanie Forrest

High Epitope Expression Levels Increase Competition between T Cells

Almut Scherer, Marcel Salathé, Sebastian Bonhoeffer

Matrix Formalism to Describe Functional States of Transcriptional Regulatory Systems

Erwin P Gianchandani, Jason A Papin, Nathan D Price, Andrew R Joyce, Bernhard O Palsson

An Integrative Method for Accurate Comparative Genome Mapping

Firas Swidan, Eduardo P. C Rocha, Michael Shmoish, Ron Y Pinter

Intrinsic Disorder Is a Common Feature of Hub Proteins from Four Eukaryotic Interactomes

Chad Haynes, Christopher J Oldfield, Fei Ji, Niels Klitgord, Michael E Cusick, Predrag Radivojac, Vladimir N Uversky, Marc Vidal, Lilia M Iakoucheva