Correction: Funneled Landscape Leads to Robustness of Cell Networks: Yeast Cell Cycle

  • Jin Wang,
  • Bo Huang,
  • Xuefeng Xia,
  • Zhirong Sun
  • Published: September 02, 2013
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/b5701e25-e5f8-402f-992e-647e3f1f59b7

Clarification to the Methods section The detailed description of the methods used also appears in the Supplementary Material of [31], published and subsequently retracted by Biophysical Journal. Correction to the Results/Discussion section In the subsection of the Results/Discussion section entitled ‘Conclusions’, the first sentence of the second paragraph should have referenced [31] instead of [28]. Reference [31] has now been retracted. The correct sentence should read: “We also worked on a different model for MAP Kinase signal transduction network [31].”