Correction: Uncovering a Macrophage Transcriptional Program by Integrating Evidence from Motif Scanning and Expression Dynamics

  • Stephen A. Ramsey,
  • Sandy L. Klemm,
  • Daniel E. Zak,
  • Kathleen A. Kennedy,
  • Vesteinn Thorsson,
  • Bin Li,
  • Mark Gilchrist,
  • Elizabeth S. Gold,
  • Carrie D. Johnson,
  • Vladimir Litvak,
  • Garnet Navarro,
  • Jared C. Roach,
  • Carrie M. Rosenberger,
  • Alistair G. Rust,
  • Natalya Yudkovsky,
  • Alan Aderem,
  • Ilya Shmulevich
  • Published: April 02, 2008
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/e14ad837-e5ff-4bd5-a5f2-f32e784d75a2

The following sentences were omitted from the Funding information: Additional support was provided by grant P50-GM076547 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. IS acknowledges support from the National Institutes of Health grant R01-GM072855.